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Cash flow management made easy with Orama

Bank reconciliation

Connect your accounts to have a total view of your collections and payments.

Cash flow statement

In a matter of two minutes, you will have a cash flow chart by category.


Automatically make financial forecasts in a matter of two clicks based on your line items.

Create scenarios

Measure the impact on your bottom line of each decision. Create assumptions and future scenarios about your cash flow forecast.

Start using Orama in 4 easy steps

1. Sincroniza tus bancos

Inicia sesión de forma segura en los bancos que utiliza tu negocio y sincroniza las cuentas que quieras para que nuestro algoritmo empiece a trabajar. Este identificará patrones y creará un presupuesto de tesorería en base a tu histórico.

2. Revisa tus previsiones con un experto

Revisa las previsiones mano a mano con uno de nuestros expertos, modifica o elimina las que consideres, y crea fácilmente las previsiones que eches de menos.

3. Previsiones actualizadas automáticamente

Los nuevos movimientos bancarios de tus cuentas se cargarán en Orama de forma automática y se asignarán a la previsión que corresponda para que tú simplemente des el OK. O ni siquiera… Piloto automático ON.

4. Crea escenarios financieros futuros

¿Piensas contratar a alguien?
¿Quieres saber qué pasa si un cliente importante desaparece?

Crea escenarios aplicando crecimientos, reducciones, cambios puntuales… y visualiza gráficamente cómo evolucionaría tu tesorería en ese escenario frente a tus previsiones actuales, entendiendo cómo afectaría cada situación a la liquidez de tu negocio.

Save time by visualizing from a single screen the status of all your bank accounts - your financial situation at a glance!

Connection to 100% of Banks and ERPs

Instantly receives all data and simplifies daily management.

Monitor future maturities, receive notifications if something has not been met, make estimates and forecasts

Still not using treasury software?

Cash flow statement

Do you control your expenses without errors?

In a matter of two minutes, Orama is a treasury software that organizes your cash flow based on your income and expense history. That way you will be able to know the direction your company is heading in automatically.

No errors

Thanks to automation you will avoid human error.

Saves time

Forget the manual labor and focus on running your business.


How many months of life does your business have left?

You shouldn't have to be a financial guru to be able to control your company's cash flow. Orama gives you clear and visual information about what is happening in your business, and a future forecast updated in real time.

Future financial scenarios

Can your business withstand that decision?

Easily create future scenarios to visualize the impact of multiple decisions on your company's future cash flow. Check your ideas against data to make the right decisions.

Financial forecasts

Do you have unpaid bills?

Create your financial forecasts automatically and you will be able to anticipate possible defaults that your company may suffer. You will always be prepared for what's ahead. No more surprises.

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Orama allows us to have greater control and also to be able to make forecasts for the future.

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