Daily treasury

Traditionally the treasury has been done with Excel, and this prevented us from having a daily forecast, mainly because of the complexity involved, as well as the time to keep everything updated.

But what about using software? That that was the question we asked ourselves and wanted to solve. software eliminates this barrier this barrier and makes it easier for us to control and analyze the daily treasury.

Daily forecasts in Orama

Salaries are traditionally issued by companies on the 28th, others on the 30th and there are some that pay between the 3rd and 5th of the following month.
Loans depending on the bank, repayment is on the 6th day, in others it may be on the 11th.
Some suppliers we prefer to pay 10 or 20.

Customers pay us when they want to and when they can.
But NOT everything happens on the 30th or 31st of the month, the box is alive, and so it must be treated throughout the month.

Therefore, Orama offers its customers daily cash flow as well as daily cash forecasts.
But not just daily, but multiple within a single month.

What does the daily treasury bring me?

Mainly to collect the reality at 100%, to show and analyze in the cash flow chart the needs that we will have every day of the month and thus with data, make decisions of the company.

The report becomes much clearer with daily data.

And above all, what matters most to us, knowing exactly what dangers my company faces and having time to resolve them before they occur.

Thanks to the daily report, we can give you a detail for each deficit you will have in your company and see exactly the day you will recover.

Orama does everything
for you

So you can focus on running your business

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