Edition of the

The DashBoard's Edit functionality allows us to fully customize the Orama startup dashboard to our needs.

We can modify the reports in size, position or even include others.

Analysis by financial product

Analysis by financial product (current account or line of credit) and its past and future evolution. For each item, the percentage applied to each product is decided and the evolution of the product can be seen. Know when an account can go negative and get ahead of it.

Burn rate

Past analysis you will be able to choose the period of time in the past for the study on how much cash you are generating or burning.


How long do you have to live? In months and days. You can see the summary with the exact time to stay in negative, or even the detail of all the times you will be in negative, the total amount of the overdraft and if you would recover, when it would be.

Daily cash flow by type of cash

Detail for each type of cash (operating, financial and investment) at the end of the day, so that you can analyze how your company is and will be.

Current treasury

Summary of the total amount of current cash flow in banks.

Upcoming forecasts

Future forecasts of both cash inflows and outflows.

Banking products

Detail of each active banking product and its current actual amount

Latest movements

Summary of the last movements that have arrived to all your accounts.

To choose any of them and have it appear at all times on your dashboard, very simple, click on the edit button and look for a free slot, click on the slot and it will open the list of available reports, simply select which one you want and adapt it to your needs.

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