Functionalities for your company

We show you all of Orama's functionalities so that you can see what we can do for your company's finances and treasury.

Bank reconciliation

Connect your accounts to have a total view of your collections and payments.


Automatically make financial forecasts in a matter of two clicks based on your line items.

Cash flow statement

In a matter of two minutes, you will have a cash flow chart by category.

Create scenarios

Create assumptions and future scenarios about your cash flow forecast. Measure the impact on your bottom line of each decision.

Daily treasury

Some companies pay salaries on the 28th, others on the 30th and some pay between the 3rd and 5th of the following month.

Loans depending on the bank, repayment is on the 6th day, in others it may be on the 11th. Some suppliers we prefer to pay on the 10th or 20th. Customers pay us when they want to and when they can.

But NOT everything happens on the 30th or 31st of the month, the box is alive, and so it must be treated throughout the month.

Rolling Forecast

Every treasury at the time the chart is made is a snapshot of what has happened, is happening and may happen in the coming months, but a company evolves continuously, which is why it is the rolling forecast.

Automatic reconciliation of transactions

Reconciliation of the new payments and receipts from the bank with your planned item... They are done completely automatically! You set the rules to be automatically reconciled, and if they are met, the move will be applied directly to the game that corresponds to it.

Custom Dashboard with your metrics

The DashBoard's Edit functionality allows us to fully customize the Orama startup dashboard to our needs.

We can modify the reports in size, position or even include others.

Multiple companies

This functionality is included in the ad-hoc extras, it allows us in our Orama account to access multiple companies and see all the details of each one of them.

Advanced reports: key figures

This functionality is visualized from the treasury dashboard and allows the company to have automatic monthly customized reports.

Advanced reports: custom tags

They are customizable variables for each company, so they are used to analyze different magnitudes such as lines of business, products, workers, all of which are very useful for analyzing profitability.

Orama does everything
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