The COVID is unfortunately creating complicated situations around us, and this can generate uncertainty for your business employees. But… how should we manage these situations with our team? These are our tips:

Tell them about the company’s situation, be transparent with them and explain how you are going to get through this bump in the road. Involve them in the process, it is very possible that they can give you good ideas, especially those who are in direct contact with customers and understand better the situation of each one.

If you have a clear vision of where your business should go in the coming months (and if you don’t, get it with Orama in a matter of a few clicks), make sure these forecasts are met by aligning the entire team through goal setting. To do so, and always following the SMART methodology (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound objectives) but trying to make them shorter than normal, and extremely easy to measure. In this way you will be able to monitor continuously and know as soon as possible if you are deviating from your forecasts.

And again, communicate constantly with your team, they will expect honest and accurate information, just as you would expect it if you were in your situation.

Remember that the stakes are high.

Don’t have forecasts for your business? Don’t know where to start? Book a demo with one of our experts and see for yourself how Orama can help you.