Do you know the first entrepreneurship marketplace? At Orama, as entrepreneurs, we know that entrepreneurship is an exciting and wonderful world. We also know that starting a new project is not always as easy or as beautiful as we had imagined it would be.

You will have read and heard many times “just having a good idea is not enough” and this is something we totally agree with. You need to have an idea. A good team is needed. A lot of work is needed. The combination of these three factors can make the difference in achieving success in entrepreneurship.

I want to become an entrepreneur, but how do I start?

Until now, every entrepreneur had an idea and, from there, everything else followed. Designing a strategy to materialize the idea, acquiring economic resources, looking for an investor or an incubator, continuous training, finding personnel… and a long etcetera. Many of the entrepreneurial projects that are born every day, die long before even gathering all of the above mentioned.

With the premise that, in order to be an entrepreneur, we must control (or at least have a slight idea) of such diverse areas, it comes to mind that an entrepreneurship marketplace can be a good solution for. In fact, an entrepreneurship marketplace where we can find everything we need for our project is the dream of all entrepreneurs. Especially for those of us who did not have it in our beginnings.

Do you know the first entrepreneurship marketplace?

Our friends at Ufounders have made this entrepreneurial dream come true. They have launched a total marketplace where you can train, find mentors, accelerate your project and get funded. As we said, what we all would have liked to opt for.

Entrepreneurship is not about having a good idea. Entrepreneurship is methodology and talent.

No matter the stage of the project, you can apply from the idea to the last stage of growth of your startup. In Ufounders there is room for all stages, since its goal is to achieve success in the objectives set by the entrepreneur.

From Orama, we would like to invite you to visit their website, see what they do and, above all, how they do it. We are sure that they will treat your idea/startup with the same care that you do to make it a success.