We return to one of our favorite topics in the Orama team: entrepreneurship. As we have already told you, the three founding partners are entrepreneurs. It’s in our DNA and we love it. But how to start up safely?

The road that every entrepreneur travels when it comes to materialize the business idea to a viable project is long, with difficulties, challenges and problems. But above all, it is a precious path in which one enjoys and learns in equal parts.

So, how to undertake safely?

There are many areas that you need to cover perfectly, or be aware of them and look for a partner that can help you with them. Each entrepreneur is good in his area and, for the success of the project, he must focus on it.

In this context, Orama loves to collaborate with companies like Emprender Seguro. It is a total solution that will go with you throughout your adventure of undertaking your project. Emprender Seguro, offers a multitude of services with the sole objective of, let’s be redundant, you undertake safely; without leaving any loose end that may pose a problem in the future. Let’s see how Emprender Seguro can help you.

Insurance for startups

When founding a startup you assume some risks that you must be aware of in the short, medium and long term. It is important to be aware of them and, as far as possible, to take out a good insurance policy that will allow you to sleep peacefully every day.

Data protection for startups

Data protection is a fundamental right for everyone in the world. The purpose of this protection is to protect at all times the privacy and intimacy of individuals with respect to the collection, storage and use of their personal data by companies and/or institutions.

The GDPR is a mandatory regulation imposed by the European Union to ensure the protection of its citizens. All startups must comply with it and have their websites GDPR compliant.

Insurance for entrepreneurs

You must analyze the risks of your activity and the risks that you are going to assume when starting your entrepreneurial project. With a tailor-made entrepreneur insurance proposal, you can have the peace of mind to focus on growing your startup.

Our friends at Emprender Seguro will be able to help you with the above mentioned points as well as with insurance for individuals, accounting and tax advice, legal advice, digital marketing and many more services to be able to start a business in a 100% secure way.

In addition, if you are looking to have your startup’s finances and treasury under control, Orama helps you with its cash flow management and automation tool. No more worrying about not knowing the financial future of your business.