When we want to do cash forecasting, we get into a tedious task of creating endless tables in Excel subject to error. Orama gives you the possibility to reduce this risk of error, being a real-time tool. It is a scenario forecasting software that can create interim or multi-year rolling provisions based on a variety of parameters at the touch of a button.

Having your accounts in real time allows you to make more accurate financial forecasts and thus make better decisions. This makes it possible to take into account the evolution of sales, cost prices and profits over time.



Full transparency of expenditures and a good understanding of financial resources is essential to be able to plan for the future. In this way, we can avoid unforeseen bills and look for alternatives in order to find solutions.


Another reason why cash forecasting software has so many advantages for scenario forecasting is real-time data collection. This type of tool can capture the growth and profitability trends that a company may have, giving an idea of where the business will be in the coming months.


Having the cashbox full time is of great added value as it allows you to perform simulations with real data and create alternative scenarios in order to present possible solutions to the scenarios in which you may find yourself.

Keeping track of finances and having foresight is key for any company, but even more so for SMEs or startups. This is why cash flow tends to become more important in SMEs, especially when customer payments are overdue.


Once you have all the data (both forecasts and deviations), you will be able to take action when the situation of cash breakage occurs. By controlling your recurrence and having your sources of income under control, you will be able to take action today to avoid a deviation tomorrow.

Some of the recommended actions you can take to avoid and curb detour are as follows:

  • Resource planning: How much do we think we will need for a task and how much will it cost? When this resource is used, the key is to allocate each expense to control and adjust it.
  • Proper implementation of the tool in the equipment: In order to operate well, it is necessary to implement software that helps decision making. It is key to assign a person in charge to implement it, use it in meetings, hold questioning sessions…
  • Plan milestones or key moments in the project: We must establish a few days to review what we have achieved and replan if necessary. For new projects, we need to set milestones every few years to bring our estimates as close as possible.
  • If we foresee changes, plan for different scenarios: In other words, define different casuistries to see how those changes affect the entire project.

In short, having a scenario forecasting software helps you avoid slippage and improve your financial planning. And this, in turn, allows the company to grow more efficiently.

Orama is a tool to control the past, present and future of your business through the automatic reconciliation of movements. With our software you will be able to run future scenarios with different assumptions to see the future impact on your cash flow.

Book a no-obligation demo with our specialists and you will be able to see its potential applied to your business.