There are many times when we struggle with traditional systems such as Excel for our company’s treasury and finances and wish to find the solution to find a simpler way. It turns out that we have found the solution for one of the essential elements that our company must have: the treasury. We tell you about the advantages of Orama over Excel in this article.

We present a software that controls your company’s treasury in real time. This way, you can have all your banks and cards in the same place, classifying the different transactions made.

How is it done? 

Every four hours it updates the different graphs from a treasury chart showing the transactions made.

But what are the advantages of Orama over Excel? 

Well, in this section we do not fall short, since the difference between the use of this software and a spreadsheet is quite remarkable. Mainly:

  • We get an automatic update of the bank statement . In Excel you have to select and classify each item and then you have to assemble it on your own. In this software all bank statements are refreshed automatically and in real time. Let’s say that in the conventional spreadsheet you have to take each transaction and classify it in each line item of each treasury.
  • It also helps you to have your business metrics in real time.
  • Ease of being able to put several bank statements in the same place, cards and banks in the same place.  
  • In addition, we have to highlight the ease with which onboarding can be done, it is very fast and in a matter of hours and a few adjustments you will have your cash flow updated, controlling your company’s treasury in detail.
  • In addition, you will be able to see the deviations that your company may witness, the months of cash you have left and different metrics that can help you make a decision before any type of deviation occurs.

Orama: the software that offers you the solution for your company’s cash management 

Every 4 hours you will have the whole system updated, i.e. the automation will work by itself and will not require a person to manually set all the games and update all the graphics. But in real time you will be able to have all your accounts at hand.

Book a demo with one of our specialists and try Orama during 15 days without any type of commitment. We will accompany you in your first steps so that you can see with real data of your company how Orama can help you to manage in a better and more efficient way the treasury of your project.